"A woman who falsely claimed she was raped and trafficked by an Asian grooming gang has been jailed for eight-and-a-half years.

Eleanor Williams sparked protests in her Cumbrian home town of Barrow after posting photos on social media of injuries she said were from beatings.

But Preston Crown Court heard she inflicted the wounds herself using a hammer.

Williams, 22, was found guilty of perverting the course of justice.

A two-day sentencing hearing was told three men Williams falsely accused tried to take their own lives after being targeted and suffering "hell on earth".

One of them - Jordan Trengove - spent 73 days in prison, sharing a cell with a convicted sex offender after he was charged as a result of Williams' claims.

The court heard he had the word "rapist" spray painted across his house.

Business owner Mohammed Ramzan, who Williams claimed groomed her from the age of 12 and put her to work in brothels in Amsterdam, said he had received "countless death threats" on social media.

Williams had given police an account of being taken to Blackpool by Mr Ramzan where she said she was taken to different addresses and forced to have sex with several men.

When police made inquiries, they found she had travelled to the seaside town alone and stayed in a hotel, where she bought a Pot Noodle from a nearby shop and then stayed in her room watching YouTube on her phone.

Meanwhile, Oliver Gardner said a chance encounter with Williams in Preston led to him being sectioned under the Mental Health Act after he was accused of rape."

I'm glad this stupid bitch is going to prison. All allegations should be investigated but people should not automatically believe an account is true just because a claim is made. Props to the UK for punishing this type of evil properly.