“They beat her extremely severely about the head. EL was so impaired when they finally finished beating her and sexually assaulting her that she was unable to talk or breathe,” the complaint says.

The full complaint can be accessed by clicking HERE. Be forewarned, it’s extremely graphic and disturbing.

The video, which circulated via Facebook messenger to their friend group, shows Lewis and Spencer “beating the victim and laughing,” the complaint says.

On Jan. 12, the mother of an eyewitness named KA called police and said her son might have a video authorities were interested in that was sent but later deleted by Lewis. She told police the video showed “two boys beating a lady, hitting her in the face, and her face was bloody.” She also said it looked like a “lot of little kids (were) standing around” during the attack.

Video footage recorded some of the teenagers say among many other things, “I love r*ping ch*nk b**ches.”

And yet no outcry about racism. No outcry about the need to educate black Americans about the dangers of racism towards Asians. Could you imagine the headlines if a group of white "youths" gang raped and murdered a black woman and used n-slurs. And yet here we have a crystal clear case of racism and racial hatred and yet... crickets form the civil rights communities? Where are the people on national television talking about how we must deconstruct racism in the black community?