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    Minimum ages are pretty straight forward and reasonable. Who wants a 12 yr old buying booze or guns, driving a car, or voting?

    I'm wondering about the older age limits, or lack thereof. Airline pilots and surgeons are forced into retirement as they "age out", but not legislators, or even judges who can get lifetime appointments.

    If we presume that age makes people less nimble or adaptive or coherent as they fly a plane, or perform surgery....does it make sense to let them legislate and adjudicate, for as long as they live?

    (I'm also wondering if age limits would have made our presidential choices more appealing, by eliminating the 70+ yr olds and giving younger candidates a real chance....)
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    Todays world still struggle with old hierarchy.

    But I usually wonder about fitness/performace requirement in some areas.
    For example PDs, they have a decent requirment when going into the academy but it then feels acceptable to totally degenerate?

    Like next to 100% vision with decent colour vision. How important is that today?!
    Why isnt that a requirement as you get older as well...

    Many strange ideas. It's good to see that a grey zone exist at least.

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    Over 200 federal judges have been appointed under the Trump administration -- and a Republican-majority held Senate --- for life. Even their impeachment or removal from office (for bad behavior) relies on the Senate. There are no term limits or age limits for US Senators. (see Mitch McConnell)

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