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Thread: Ioannidis vs. the Lockdown

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    Default Ioannidis vs. the Lockdown

    Buzzfeed reporting:

    Ioannidis has—up until recently—been very highly regarded for the work he and his colleagues have done in a wide range of fields esp. in medicine & epidemiology, typically with the aim of improving the quality of research in those fields. During the pandemic, however, he's been met with sharp criticism for a number of questionable decisions, both wrt methodology as well as wrt his professional judgement. This story doesn't improve matters much. Separating this from the covid thread because I believe this touches on another more general phenomenon—the process whereby superstar science-dudes with a contrarian bent inevitably metamorphose into arrogant kooks and cranks. I don't know how far along Ioannidis & co. are on that journey, but his conduct is both disappointing and alarming.
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    Ditto for the French dude who promotes hydroxychloroquine. A lot of these "superstars" made a single major discovery decades ago and used their fame to "publish" tons of research that was mostly carried out by their colleagues or co-authors.
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