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Thread: The Racism Problem within the Black Community

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    Default The Racism Problem within the Black Community

    "However, those three surveys all found that negative attitudes towards Jews were stronger among African-Americans than among the general population at large."

    There seems to be a strong antisemitic vibe in the black community in multiple cities. We see the media routinely discuss the dangers of white supremacy and racism from white people but I've yet to see a headline from the MSM calling for the black community to be less racist. Why is that?

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    Higher, Lewk, not necessarily high. And note how close those numbers are to the ones for education levels. And can you tell the class how the education breakdown works out for the two backgrounds?

    Also curious that you decided to talk about the African-American population and not the Hispanic one. Kinda refreshing that you didn't hone in on the foreign-born Hispanic numbers but I suppose you're not able to multi-focus like that. You're on an "Bad Democratic black people" kick today rather than an anti-immigrant kick.
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    Main reasons why:

    1. Journalists, their bosses and their readers are more interested in stories about white people.

    2. Antisemitism among black people is a smaller problem in practical terms than antisemitism among white people.

    2a. The problem may be smaller in absolute terms—if a third of black American adults hold antisemitic prejudices vs. only a tenth of white Americans, the latter will still be a greater problem in absolute terms.

    2b. Antisemitism in African American communities may be less of a threat. The scale used by the ADL measures prevalence of antisemitic prejudices, but not so much propensity for antisemitic violence or overt aggression; news orgs, meanwhile, are more concerned with violence and overt displays of aggression. The most active violent antisemitic organizations in the US have, for decades, been white supremacist groups. White supremacists marched through an American city displaying aggression towards Jews.

    2c. White antisemitism is more prominent. Even if you disregard violent white supremacist organizations, you have more white politicians and leaders openly pushing antisemitic memes. Sometimes they do this covertly, through statements that seem borderline philosemitic but clearly set Jewish Americans apart from other Americans in an inappropriate way, eg. through praise of stereotypical traits, or equating their interests with the interests of Israel in a way that also implies dual loyalties, and just generally trying to use Jewish Americans as a political tool or theological prop. Other times these memes are just overtly antisemitic, such as gross conspiracy memes about "globalists", and antisemitic caricatures of Jewish politicians.

    If you truly cared about this issue for its own sake, you, too, would be more focused on antisemitism among white Americans. It's a larger problem in absolute terms, it's objectively more dangerous, and it is far more influential than antisemitism among minorities. I suspect, however, that you don't really care about antisemitism. Like most racist white Evangelicals, antisemitism—and Jews in general—are just tools and props you try to use as weapons in your tiresome culture war, and/or eschatological masturbation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewkowski View Post
    And the problem continues....
    You mean, the problem of you not addressing the points raised by other posters which negate or correct your original hypotheses continues?
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    Hey Lewk, care to provide the AJDL's numbers on anti-semitism among the religious right or rural south, as opposed to the "general population"?
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