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Thread: UK General Election 12 December

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewkowski View Post
    So if a stupid and immoral person supported a politician you like you'd stop liking that politician? Your logic is pretty flawed here.
    You speak as though people pick the politicians they support out of a hat. Stupid, I can deal with. If a lot of immoral people supported a politician I liked, however, I'd have to at least wonder what they did to earn that support.

    If I liked a politician and then I found out a bunch of Nazis supported him (...for instance) I'd at least look at why. Maybe nothing and they've just convinced themselves this person is on their side, like with Taylor Swift? These are stupid people after all. But you'd at least take a look.

    You mentioned Libertarians, and if I supported them I'd wonder why they attract so much support from people who are extremely interested in the age of consent. Like, maybe that tells you something about how Libertarian policies might play out if they were ever introduced into the real world?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimless View Post
    The creepiest part is that he simultaneously thinks it's okay for predators to claim consent for assault was given after the factóbecause "they let him do it"óand also that it's okay to call women lying bitches for saying, after the fact, that they did not consent to being assaultedóbecause, after all, "they let him do it". Consent only works one way, in one party's favor, in that sick community.
    Two possibilities exist:

    1. They let him (consent)
    2. They didn't let him (non-consent)

    Well technically a third and more likely possibility is Trump was boasting about shit that never happened but that's beside the point.

    I'm also one of few people who are down with ultra harsh penalties for rape on this board - I just ask that the state prove the case first and if it the state can prove that someone was falsely accused, then the falsely accused should also face a long prison sentence.

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    How did this get to be about Amerikkka when it's about Britttain declaring independence?

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