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Thread: An argument for UBI for journalists

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    Default An argument for UBI for journalists

    Young journalists need to eat, but how can they put food on the table without screwing people for savagely mocking alt right white supremacists and outright neo-Nazis?

    Obviously this is a dumb thing for a person to put in a public FB post, and obviously we don't need to bolster the "just kidding!" defenses so often used by white supremacists online, but, equally obviously, this is sarcasm. It's absolutely clear from context that Olson is mocking Ryan's opponent, perennial racist loser Paul Nehlen, and the antisemitic rhetoric of Nehlen's equally derpy racist supporters.

    It's just so unnecessary. With UBI, Penn would be able to eat without having to resort to these desperate shenanigans.
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    The context does suggest he was trolling Nehlen supporters.
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    Our Twit-in-Chief does muddy the waters a fair bit but traditionally, it's never been safe for government officials and politicans to troll (or to have trolled in the past)
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