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    Default HTTPS

    The site always now has a not secure warning because of the lack of HTTPS. I understand its not really a critical issue (nobody is using bank logins etc presumably) but would it be a complicated fix?
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    The hardest part will be remembering my credentials to get into the root directory. Probably better to avoid entering your credit card number into the site until then.

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    Q: why do my search results always use Dread as the default username?

    I know I started a thread on Social Media, but when I typed "social media" in the search function, I was directed to threads started by Dreadnaught. What am I doing wrong?

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    I suggest Letsencrypt (Mozilla fundation project).
    Very easy to setup with certbot.

    Then it's a few lines configuration, 2 if you get lucky.
    So three command lines. You can use it for your mail too (get proper TLS).

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