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    Default Forum Rules - Please Read

    A warning level system is used here to enforce compliance with the rules. At 5 points, a 1 day temporary ban is awarded. At 10 points, a 3 day temporary ban is awarded. At 15 points, the user will be permanently banned.


    An explanation of the warnable offenses:

    Signature Rule Violation - 1 point - Given to a user for abusing their signature in a way that disrupts the readability of the forum

    Excessive Stupidity - 1 point - Given for posting behavior that is so stupid as to be offensive to the non-stupid

    Spamming - 3 points - Given for making excessive posts that add nothing to the forum. For example, spamming a personal site in a manner that causes disruption.

    Flaming - 3 points - Given for personally attacking other members of the community.

    Trolling - 5 points - Not just flaming, and may not even involve something clearly identified as flaming, but posting in a manner intentionally designed to stir up a flame war or provoke an inflammatory response.

    Inappropriate Material - 10 points - Posting material that could get readers or viewers unexpectedly in trouble with their employer or with the law. The server for this forum is located in the US, so all posts must follow US laws, regardless of where any particular user is located.

    Misc. Insta-Ban - 15 points - Used for circumventing the human checks (i.e. ad spammers), circumventing a ban, or any other activity that warrants immediate lifetime banning, at the discretion of the moderators.

    The rules in this forum are decided by the community as a whole, but they are enforced solely by the moderators. If you feel another user has violated any of these rules, in word or in spirit, please report the offending post.

    For clarifications or proposed revisions to the rules, please post in the Site Discussion subforum. Changes may be made if the majority agrees on it.

    If a rule happens to be changed after infraction points are awarded for it, those points do not go away. No rules will be retroactive. All users should follow the rules as they are written at the moment the post is made. Moderators are the sole arbiters of what constitutes an infraction.

    If you are unsure of whether a posting behavior would be against the rules, ask yourself if you want that particular behavior remembered forever, or if you would act this way in real-life. If the answer to either of these questions is 'No' perhaps it is not advisable to post that way.

    All decisions by the moderators are final. There is no appeals process.

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    Signature Format- To ensure a pleasant reading experience for everyone, signatures can be no taller than five vertical lines of standard-size text (including white space). Images in signatures are not allowed.

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